Whinge Wars

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Whinge Wars
Manufacturer unknown
Designer unknown
Illustrator uses photos from online sources
Publisher unknown
Publication date 2011
Years active 2011-present
Genre(s) Miscellaneous
Language English
Playing time Varies
Random chance None - stat based game system
Skills required Role-playing, improvisation, tactics, arithmetic
Website http://www.whingewars.weebly.com

Whinge Wars is a small-scale paper based time management game.[1]


Whinge wars is based on the idea of young children completing missions in places like 'Playgroup' or 'Adventure Park', and fighting other human players. There are four classes of character, Whinging Fool, Vishling, Spoilt Zombus and Normal Kid. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses such as more energy or bonuses on certain items.


Whinge Wars is not played online - rather, like dungeons and dragons, it is played on paper. However, the rules, instructions and other pieces relevant information needed to play the game are available online. Each player has a profile sheet, where their stats and items are recorded.


Whinge Wars is free to play, and the only things needed to play are a character sheet, the information which is available on the website, and contact with other players. It is not available to purchase, but the character sheet, which is the only physical object needed for the game, is given to new players directly.


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