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Veva Play is a Record Chart Platform founded in 2017 by Cassius Ellison. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and is known for offering insightful exclusive artist ranking lists. It is the music industry standard record chart in the United States for songs. The first number one artist on the Veva Play Record Chart was rapper Roddy Ricch in 2019.[1][2][3]

Veva Play offers chart results monthly based on sales (physical and digital), radio play, votes, and online streaming in the United States. The lists released by the platform incorporates all genres of music, tabulating them according to outstanding chart performances. It has, since its inception, become one of the most influential and informative music platforms across the world.


Veva play was granted the top award for outstanding chart performance in 2022. The chart became one of the fastest growing charts , the award was presented by Veva play music award (VPMA). In 2022. Jack Harlow Peaked Number one on the veva play chart.[4] [5]


Veva Play was founded in 2017 by Cassius Ellison. Initially, it served as a news and social network website but in 2019, the platform exclusively started generating well-researched music charts, starting with rapper Roddy Ricch becoming the first rapper to peak No.1.[6][7][8]

Since its inception, the platform has witnessed over 120,746 unique visitors a day on average. The charts released are thoroughly measured over a period of time, and every month releases the top 50 songs based on the statistics, comprising votes and popularity factors. After the chart is released, it is followed by the Veva play rappers chart. This chart lists the top 20 rappers of the music industry by votes. Following the release of the chart, the Veva play rappers chart is released. This chart ranks the top 20 rappers in the music industry based on public opinion.