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this looks like vandalism

this looks like vandalism Geo Swan (talk) 17:32, 10 August 2023 (UTC)

this looks like a personal attack... Geo Swan (talk) 17:36, 10 August 2023 (UTC)

this looks like vandalism Geo Swan (talk) 17:51, 10 August 2023 (UTC)


You are receiving this warning because:

  1. you blanked an article you didn't write;
  2. or you removed a large block of material from an article you didn't write;
  3. or you hijacked an existing article, turning it into an article about something else;
  4. or you rewrote key passage(s) of an existing article to attack someone;
  5. or you moved an article you didn't write to a nonsense name, or into the Deleted: namespace.

The list of what is ALLOWED here is broad. Wikialpha:CSD lists the kind of material that is subject to deletion.

The list of what is allowed includes (1) articles about scammers; (2) articles by scammers, whatever that might mean; and (3) it even includes articles that look like unrealistic puff-pieces, where someone has written an article about themselves, where they assert they are the greatest rapper in the history of rapping, in Bangladesh.

Please review Wikialpha:CSD. If an article triggers your concern, AND it meets one of those criteria, place a tag on it.

If an article triggers your concern, but it does not meet one of those criteria, your choices include: (1) POLITELY raising your concern, on the article's talk page, or the main contributor's user talk page; or (2) shrugging your shoulders and walking away.

It doesn't matter if material you see here triggers you to hate the author, or the subject of an article, you must be polite.

If the administrator who reviews your deletion tag does not agree with your concern, you can, POLITELY, explain your concern to them again, in more detail. But understand that what is allowed here is very broad.

Note: If you were blocked for vandalism:

  1. and can explain that what you did wasn't vandalism, you can get your block rolled back.
  2. if you can explain that you didn't know any better, and you can make a convincing case that you won't do it again, an administrator may agree to reduce the period of your block.

Ping the administrator who blocked you by leaving a note to them, on your User talk: page, that includes a wikilink to their User: page. [[User:Geo Swan]], for example. When you are blocked you can still write to your User talk: page.