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Picture of Helal Uddin Ahmmad
Born 15 May 1995 (1995-05-15) (age 27)
Residence Cox's Bazar District, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Sabrang School & Teknaf Government College (2006 – 2019)

student's leader

Years active 2008 - At present
Known for Student's leader of Bangladesh Nationalist student's party Teknaf Upozila Unit
Home town Cox's Bazar District, Bangladesh
Height (5.8ft)
Religion Islam
Parents Sayed Ahmed, Nur Nahar Begum
Helal Uddin Ahmmad


Helal Uddin Ahmmad (Bengali: হেলাল উদ্দিন আহম্মদ). The real name of Helal Uddin Ahmmad's is Helal Uddin. He was born (15 May 1995) in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Helal Uddin Ahmmad is a Bangladesh Nationalist Student's party's Politician, And he is a Content Creator, Social worker's, Human activities etc. Helal Uddin Ahmmad is most popular Organizer Bangladesh Nationalist Student's party. Facebook


Helal Uddin Ahmmad studied at Sabrang High School and completed his SSC 2011. He then earned his HSC 2013 from Teknaf Government College. Helal graduated from Teknaf Government College under Bangladesh National University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts (degree). He is currently studying for a Masters Degree (MA) at Cox's Bazar City University College. wiki factsider

Early Life

Helal Uddin Ahmmad [Bengali: (হেলাল উদ্দিন আহম্মদ) was born 15 May 1995 in Bangladesh. He is a young politician and YouTuber. For a long time he worked as a dedicated worker of Teknaf Upazila and Cox's Bazar District of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi chattro Dal(JCD), an affiliate of Bangladesh Nationalist party BNP. He is giving proper leadership on the highway by fulfilling the organizational responsibilities of Teknaf Upazila and Cox's Bazar District Chhatra Dal. Constantly creating new followers through his versatile organizational talent. He has many followers and well-wishers through social media across the country. His classmates, family, relatives, followers, well-wishers were always encouraging and trying to give the best of life in their love for the welfare of the country, nation, society. He is currently known as a popular leader of the Bangladesh Jatyotabadi Chhatra Dal. His thoughts on political organization, social, family and state were always different from others. He always tries to satisfy the well-wishers through motivational speeches, video making and creative work. He never hesitated in the political arena. At a very young age, he became known as a petty politician all over Bangladesh, including the Cox's Bazar District Chhatra Dal. wiki factsider

Political Career

Ahmmad started his political career as a primary member of the (JCD) Teknaf Upazila, Cox's Bazar Districts in 2008. For a long time he worked as a dedicated worker of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Dal BNP's affiliate Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal Teknaf Upazila and Cox's Bazar District. He is leading the Teknaf Upazila and Cox's Bazar District Chhatra Dal with organizational responsibilities and proper leadership and is constantly creating new followers through his multi-faceted organizational talents. Helal Uddin Ahmmad has devoted himself around 13 years of his short life in the political phase (under Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal - JCD) for the betterment of the students. He thinks himself very much fortunate that the Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal(JCD) Cox's Bazar district unit gave him several responsibilities at different times. And the responsibilities are-Senior Joint Convenor, Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal (JCD),Teknaf Upozila Unit (from 2021 still now), Former president, Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal (JCD)Teknaf Government college unit(2016-2019). Former General Member, Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal, Cox's Bazar District Unit(2017-2018)To serve these responsibilities, He played an important role in various organizational functions, processions and meetings at different places. Above all, he always tries to develop the wane 1O Serve immense experience, and every time. he tries to take drastic steps perceiving the situations we Above all, he always tries to develop the wane system of education and animate the campus.It may be mentioned that Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal Teknaf Upozila unit behind him a under his instructions has played a proficient root out the long-existing culture of class closures of Teknaf Government College. For as long as I can remember, from the age of 12, I have always had this desire to work for an organization that does better, so that I can help my fellow comrades and as many people as possible. I don’t have a single word that can fully define my journey, but if it had to be, I would say, my journey was very different. I'm leaving college, something I shouldn't be proud of but I am. London times24

Helal Uddin Ahmmad is well known for his involvement with important local, national and international organizations. He is often the dominant global digital news and magazine plot maker. Besides all the other government and on-government educational institutions creat a tradition of executing all the probable classe. It will also be noted that the Teknaf Government College Unit runs afforestation program's in all educational institutions saying-Plant trees in Campus, Save the Earth".They, Teknaf Upozila Unit, often arrange campaigns on Campuses to raise awareness amongst the students with others against taking drugs and militancy.-In recent years, the authorities of Teknaf Upozila announce all the campuses and institutions are safe for all and they (campuse and institutions) are free of Eve teasing. And Behind these, they (Teknaf Upozila Unit Students Party - JCD) have due attention as they organize several symposiums to uphold the effects of Eve teasing and its ultimate results. After all, they think themselves successful to save and clean the campus defeating campus violence and its existing restlessness. the weekly fact

As a follower of Zia's ideology, he was a proud activist of the Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal which is a leading and large Student organization amongst the sub-continent of Asia. So, I was already planning in the same arena, and the urge to get the attention of the fans, behind which the whole media and listeners were stunned, further inspired me and classmates, family, relatives, followers, well-wishers always give encouragement, encouragement to give the best in life to my followers. wupedia

Personal Life

Helal Uddin Ahmmad is a single person, Who grew up on the shores of the Bay of Bengal surrounded by the Naf River in Teknaf, Cox's Bazar District. The southernmost border Upozila of the country. He was born on 15 May 1995 in Sabrang Union of Teknaf Border Upazila. Helal Uddin Ahmmad family is educated and peace family. His father is an expatriate and mother is house wife. Here's family 7 members, (Parents) Sayed Ahmed, Nur Nahar Begum. And his parents 5 (son), no daughter. London times24

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