Toriqul Islam Tusher

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Toriqul Islam Tusher
Born 1996-26-04
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Gaibandha Government College, Bangladesh.
Occupation Bangladeshi Artist.
Religion Islam

Toriqul Islam Tusher is a Bangladeshi Artist. He is the founder and CEO of Learn freelancing with Tusher. He is also a good Photographer. He was born and brought up in Rangpur. He completed his schooling at Ratia High School and He is a graduate student at Gaibandha Government College, Gaibandha.


Toriqul Islam Tusher started operating in digital promoting at associate early age. And at a young age, he created a reputation for himself as a successful digital vendor. He started his own company Learn freelancing with Tusher. This was asked regarding what quiet activities he's conducting in Bangladesh. The same that his company is principally operating to form content for Facebook. they are doing digital promoting by launching and distributing content on behalf of a spread of agencies. Digital promoting is that the promotion of merchandise victimization digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer promoting - all embrace digital promoting. This young man thinks that digital promotion could be a vast risk within the current era. “We grasp that the importance of selling is increasing day by day, thus we tend to urge the youth to figure during this field,” Tusher. If you would like to begin operating with digital promotion, you would like to enhance your skills 1st. as a result of the proper information, anyone will move towards this success. however mental object typically results in failure. For this, everybody should 1st increase their skills. Then you would like to stay your eyes and ears open and perpetually search. additionally, you would like to understand the employment of various tools. we'd like to stay an eye fixed on what quite content uncountable folks like. This says that it's important to form content for digital promotion. Many people don't seem to be obtaining the chance to figure with digital promoting even once making sensible content. Tusher continually dreams of doing one thing for them. Early in his career, he overcame several obstacles. Torqul is doing everything he can to ensure that the kids who return to figure in the digital world do not suffer any difficulties. Several people believe that this will be beneficial to today's youth. He is also involved in a variety of social activities, beginning with social responsibility. He also maintains a blog. This group believes that spreading positivism may change society. He says that in today's society, it is possible to conceal lies by spreading the truth.