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Todd Kozel is an American oil and gas executive and entrepreneur who has been a central figure for several significant oil discoveries. Kozel is best-known for co-founding Gulf Keystone Petroleum and serving as its Chief Executive Officer.

Early Career

Kozel is a life-long oil man. Notably, he founded Texas Keystone Inc., serving as its President from 1995 to 2004, and co-founded Falcon Drilling Company in 2001, which operates as an independent American drilling and oilfield services enterprise.

Gulf Keystone Petroleum

Gulf Keystone Petroleum, founded in 2001, ascended to a pivotal position within the oil industry under the shrewd guidance of Kozel. The company distinguished itself with significant oil discoveries in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Beyond the business aspect, Kozel was committed to fostering a positive relationship with the local community, understanding the importance of cultural integration and sensitivity. As Kozel shared with Leaders Magazine in 2014, “It necessitates a more profound investment from us: our enthusiasm, our time, and our intellect. Monetary investment isn’t the sole avenue to understanding the community we engage with. There is no monetary price tag for grasping the culture, understanding the people, recognizing their sensitivities, and discerning what matters to them – this understanding is indispensable in cultivating a corporate culture that thrives in the region we operate.” This holistic perspective bolstered the company’s global standing.

In 2014, Kozel concluded his tenure as CEO and later relinquished his seat on the company’s board.

Personal Life

Kozel is a father to three daughters.