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Tim Williams
Tim Wiliams
Photo of Tim Williams also known as TIMFLIX
Born 04 April, 1978
Nationality American
Occupation Writer, Producer, Director
Known for Writing, Producing, Directing, Composing Music, Movies, Documentaries, TV Commercials, Camp Logan Mutiny, True Journey, and Marked for Trade

Tim Williams (TIMFLIX) is a multi-talented creator with a career spanning writing, producing, and directing across various media, including film and television. He is also the visionary founder of Popcorn Trailer, a full-service entertainment company that empowers brands to convey their message effectively while giving him the independence to green-light his film productions. Tim Williams embarked on his creative journey as a self-taught musician with the piano. His early artistic endeavors paved the way for him to support local artists in appearing on renowned stages such as Showtime at the Apollo Tom Joyner Morning Show and Good Morning America. Subsequently, he focused on refining his talents as a writer and director in the visual arts. [1]His dedication led to the first independent release of the full-length feature film Marked for Trade filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina. [2]With an extensive portfolio spanning thousands of hours, Tim has masterfully crafted everything from television commercials to movies and thought-provoking documentaries.

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Tim Williams established his early filmmaking career by earning his stripes through independent releases. In 2018, he launched the True Journey Series, a worldwide adventure exploring the lives of emerging talents. The following year, he wrote, produced, and directed the full-length crime thriller, Marked for Trade. [3] Then, in 2023, he brought to life Camp Logan Mutiny, a gripping portrayal of the largest murder trial in U.S. history. The documentary sheds light on the controversial court martial of a black regiment in Houston, Texas 1917. While creating independent original content under the alias TimFlix, he's carved out a unique niche in the cinematic universe.

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