The YOU beyond you: The Knowledge of the Willing

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The YOU beyond you: The Knowledge of the Willing  
The YOU beyond you - Front 2.jpg
Author(s) Ramzi Najjar
Country Lebanon
Language English
Publication date 2020
Media type Print (Paperback) Ebook

The YOU beyond you: The Knowledge of the Willing is a 2020 self-help book written by an award-winning author Ramzi Najjar.[1][2][3] The book was published on 28 July 2020 and contains a wealth of information about strategies and life approaches that can lead a person to new heights.[4][5]

Najjar tells the secret of converting a negative-minded person and his ideas into a positive and forward-looking person. He shares real-life experiences, which proves the validity of his thoughts. The ideas presented in the book are based on scientific and psychological theories.[6]

The author’s main piece of advice here is to create a system that helps disband their traditional thoughts and ideas that are holding them back and supports good habits that will channel them into the right path and achieve perpetual prosperity and spiritual awakening.

In 2021 Najjar launched his second book The Ultimate Human Secrets as a further elaboration on the dynamics discussed in his first book.


The Prairies Book Review reviewed the book positively, saying, “In this empowering guide, the award-winning Najjar offers an extraordinary life approach to reach new heights as he lays out strategies for turning negative beliefs and ideas into positive ones.... this is a book that can change your life. Najjar has delivered a winner.”[7]

Chanticleer Book Reviews also recommended the book, writing “In The YOU beyond you - The knowledge of the willing, Ramzi Najjar addresses his audience with the contemplative calm of a mystic guru and the fervor of an old-time evangelist, in a how-to guide to good health, happiness, and inner peace as a personal philosophic treatise addressing the physical and spiritual quality of life in the 21st century.”[8]

In April 2021, the book entered into a distribution agreement with Anecdote Publishing House in India.[9]


  • Winner of the AMI Indie Book Award for Best Self-help: Enlightenment Book
  • Honorable Mention in the Los Angeles Book Festival for Spiritual/Religious Category