The Land Of Skulls 2021

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The Land Of Skulls 2021
The Land Of Skulls.png
Directed by Farhan Rana Rajpoot
Produced by Farhan butt
Story by Zulkaif Riaz
Edited by IMDb Movies
Distributed by IMDb Movies Profiles
Release dates
29 October 2021 Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Budget Estimated $50 Dollers

The Land of Skulls (Urdu روونڈا دی لینڈ آف سکلز 2021 ) (English: Quietly, Quietly) is a 2021 Pakistani English language movie directed by way of Farhan Rana Rajpoot. Originally titled Sweet and Sweet, the film's tale is customized from the film English Rwanda The Land of Skills 2021 (1994), with the tagline this movie, Zulkaif Riaz who is additionally the writer and actor of this movie, and I additionally have Farhan Butt in his spine who's performing together in his 2nd film, and many actors are with him[1][2].

Film Biography

A film also known as The Land Of Skulls 2021 a movie, movement image, or transferring photo is a piece of visual art used to simulate reports that communicate ideas, tales, perceptions, feelings, splendor, or surroundings via the use of shifting pictures.It is a realistic, dramatic and conventional, narrative photography and film for the craftsman of the 1994 Rwandan annihilation. In 2021, Zulfaif Riaz composed that eleven years after the fact, there was a gigantic expansion in annihilation films for the famous crowd regarding the matter. The film is known as The Land of Skills 2021. The head of the film is Farhan Rana Rajpoot in which he will assume a decent and significant part. He was fiercely slaughtered. What's more the individual who has composed this film has likewise assumed a vital part.