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Type Agribusiness and Technology
Website https://texasprotocol.io

The Texas Protocol project brings the concept of “Decentralized Finance” to the agribusiness world, with the project's approved farms which was founded on 15 Aug 2022. Opportunity for investors in the crypto world to invest in a solid branch that is present in our daily lives, whether in the clothes we wear or on the supermarket shelves, it all depends on the farm.[1]

DeFi farm

The first approved farms, which are also the pilot project, are located in Brazil. and focuses on economic exploitation in beef cattle breeding and grain production, with plans to implement the business model in other locations in the national territory, as well as in other countries, taking the concept of “Defi Farm".[2]

Their Mission

The objective of the project developers was to bring economic autonomy to a sector that is responsible for the success of economic indicators in several countries, as well as to democratize investments in the rural sector, all through blockchain technology.[3]

Able to transcend borders and without intermediaries, blockchain technology is able to unite the international agricultural community through commercial transactions, as well as inserting new people into this market, even if these people have few resources.[4]

Staking Pool

Staking is the act of locking or storing cryptocurrencies on your relevant network, by doing this the participant earns interest based on how much invested, the longer you lock the cryptocurrencies the more rewards are guaranteed. While participants earn interest for their participation, these rewards are provided for a reason. Staking strengthens the security of a network, with users being incentivized with passive income to do so. Participants must allocate their tokens for a determined time, in addition the proceeds will be paid in stablecoin $AGRO, where each token is worth 1 BRL.[5] To participate, users must have $TXS and $AGRO tokens, requiring 10% $TXS tokens and 90% $AGRO tokens. For example, to allocate $200 from the Staking Pool you need $20 in TXS and $180 in $AGRO.[6]

Texas Swap

Texas Swap is a DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE PROTOCOL, a platform where you can trade tokens and cryptocurrencies safely and quickly, based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. All transactions are executed from smart contracts without the need for a trusted third party, resulting in many benefits and perks, including reduced fees. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are becoming more and more prominent and during 2020 they have experienced rapid growth in usage, an 1800% increase in the total amount locked. In October of the same year, Uniswap overtook the largest centralized exchange at the time, Coinbase, in terms of monthly volume.[7] Trading digital currencies on Texas Swap is an exciting approach with no execution delays or unnecessary distractions. Each trade is instantaneous and depends on one of the decentralized smart contracts that are securely deployed.[8]


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