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Te Kukupa is a Pacific Forum patrol boat, built by Australia and operated by the Cook Islands.[1][2]


When the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Seas established that all maritime nations Exclusive Economic Zones extended 200 kilometres from their shores Australia designed and built 22 patrol vessels that it then gave to 12 of its neighbours in the Pacific Forum, so they could exercise sovereignty over their zones, from their own resources.

Australia provided just one vessel to the Cook Islands, and will be providing it with a larger and more capable replacement, from the Guardian class.[3]


Australia designed these vessels using commercial off-the-shelf equipment, rather than high performance military grade equipment to help ease the maintenance burden of maintaining the vessels in small, remote shipyards.

The Te Kukupa displaces 160 tons, and is designed to allow its crew to remain at sea for missions of up to ten days.

Operational history

The vessel underwent a major refit, in Australia, in 2015.[2]


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