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  • and islands]] located on other [[continent]]s and in the [[Indian Ocean|Indian]], [[Pacific]], and [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]] oceans.<ref name="CatTOM">F ...ance|Louis XV]], France lost [[New France]] and most of its [[French India|Indian possessions]] after its defeat in the [[Seven Years' War]], which ended in
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  • ...estyle rap artist. He is uniquely known for rapping in [[Weddings in India|Indian weddings]]. He has performed at more than 600 weddings in India and across ...ticle/mc-siddharth-sood-indian-wedding-rapper|title=MC Siddharth Sood is a Indian wedding rapper|last=k|first=samyuktha|date=2014-09-20|website=Deccan Chroni
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  • ''' Shahid Shabaz ''' (born 10 September 1991) is an Indian [[Sufi music|Sufi singer]] based in the [[United Arab Emirate]]. He is know [[Category:Indian male singer-songwriters]]
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  • ...Hossain Bhuyain is mostly known as a ‘Musical Artist’ in Bangladesh & Indian Music Industry. He is emerging as one of the Popular Musical Artist, Entrep big clients all across the world including top TV Actors, Music brands, Musicians, YouTubers and Tik Tok users to name a few. He said he has always remained
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  • ...klader. He recently sang titled "Vabci bose Tomar kotha " 'Sharalipi' from Indian Zee Bangla Saregamapa. [[Category:Bangladeshi male musicians]]
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  • ...n,TikTok,Beatpod etc."Last of all he is proud to be a Bangladeshi verified Musicians. [Indian News
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