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Transformers character
Art Skullitron in The Last Knight
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Transformers: The Last Knight
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Japanese name

Species Transformer


Autobot, Guardian Knights

Skullitron is one of the legendary Guardian Knights and a sworn protector of the Staff of Merlin. The past millennium or so hasn't been kind to him.

His face came off, for example.


Skullitron protect staff.jpg

Skullitron laid rusting and inactive aboard the Guardian Knights' ship deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Awakened from his repose by the arrival of Viviane Wembly and Cade Yeager, the disoriented and decomposing Knight violently attempted to defend the Staff of Merlin from the human interlopers, but the arrival of the Transformers Reaction Force and ensuing battle led to the severely damaged Skullitron plunging down a chasm into the ship's bowels.


Deluxe Skullitron.jpg
  • The Last Knight Deluxe Class Skullitron (2017)
Released as part of the Toys R Us exclusive portion of the Mission to Cybertron promotion in the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline, Skullitron is a redeco/new head retool of Steelbane, giving the mold a new, decomposing skull face and a deco designed to evoke oxidised copper.
Skullitron suffers from the same loose ball joints as his base figure. In terms of paint quality control, at least a small number of units are missing their head paint operations.


  • None of the Knights in the film are named; this wiki assumes based on the facial similarity to the toy that the first Knight to awaken is Skullitron.
  • Skullitron's own box is strangely lacking any information on his allegiance, but the cross-sell on his wavemate Megatron's box advertises Skullitron as an Autobot.
  • Subsequent scenes show 12 Knights on the deck of their ship. It is unclear if Skullitron recovered or if this should be taken as an animation error.