Seema M Gowda (trans model)

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Seema M Gowda (Trans Model)
Seema M Gowda
Native name Seema M Gowda
Born 27 May 1999 (1999-05-27) (age 24)
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Education Bachelor of Arts
Occupation Transgender Model
Known for Trans Runway Modeling
Title Miss Trans Professional Model of Karnataka (2023)
Parents Manjunath (father), Anu (mother)

Seema M Gowda, a trailblazing trans model, has defied societal norms and carved her own path in the world of fashion and modeling. Born on May 27, 1999, in the culturally rich city of Mysore, Seema's journey is an inspiring narrative of resilience, courage, and breaking barriers.

Early Life and Background

Seema M Gowda's story begins in a loving family with her parents, Manjunath and Anu, and a supportive sister. Growing up in Mysore, Seema faced both the challenges and triumphs of being true to herself in a society that often struggled to embrace diversity. Her college journey, marked by an incomplete BA degree, became a stepping stone for her future endeavors.


Seema's foray into the world of modeling was not just a profession but a bold declaration of identity. Embracing her transgender identity, she seized opportunities in the professional trans runway modeling circuit. Seema's talent and unique perspective caught the eye of the industry, leading her to hold the prestigious title of Miss Trans Professional Model of Karnataka in 2023.

Her runway presence extends beyond regional recognition, as Seema stands as a proud professional model for Tk Production events and Anish Creation. In every step she takes down the catwalk, Seema challenges stereotypes and advocates for greater inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Awards & Recognition

Seema M Gowda's accomplishments in the world of modeling have not gone unnoticed. Her dedication to the craft and her advocacy for trans representation have earned her accolades and admiration. The pinnacle of her achievements is marked by the title of Miss Trans Professional Model of Karnataka in 2023, a testament to her talent, resilience, and commitment to breaking barriers.

Vision and Mission

Seema M Gowda's journey is not just about personal success; it's about paving the way for others who dare to dream beyond societal norms. Her vision is rooted in creating a more inclusive fashion industry, where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Seema's mission extends beyond the runway, aiming to inspire and empower individuals who, like her, have faced adversity in pursuit of their dreams.

As Seema continues to make strides in the world of modeling, her story serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Through her visibility and achievements, she challenges the conventional norms of beauty and identity, proving that diversity is the true essence of beauty.

In the tapestry of Seema M Gowda's life, every thread represents a triumph over adversity, a step towards inclusivity, and a commitment to authenticity. Her narrative is a celebration of individuality, a reminder that every journey is unique, and every dream is worth pursuing. Seema M Gowda is not just a trans model; she is a symbol of courage, breaking through barriers one runway at a time.