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Scorpia is a character featured in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Scorpia was released as a toy in the Generation 2 toy line, and was part of a line of Transformers that transformed into the mechanical component of a watch.

Fun Publications

In "Ask Vector Prime" Scorpia was clarified as being a female Transformer who in one reality was recruited to join the Time Warriors, a group of heroic Transformers led by Vector Prime and called upon by the Chronarchitect to face numerous threats to the multiverse, before a final confrontation with Mogahn. Scorpia apparently shared a romantic relationship with Vector Prime, one which was sadly terminated when Vector Prime resumed his role as the Guardian of Time and Space. [1] However, the Axiom Nexus version of Scorpia later formed similar ties with that reality's version of Vector Prime, after being assigned to serve as his bodyguard when he was assigned to Nebulos.


  • Scorpia (1993)
A watch piece that became a metal scorpion after detaching from the band.
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