Sayyed Mohammed Shamsher

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Sayyed Mohammed Shamsher Is A Prince Of Royal Sayyed Family Of Saudi Arabia He Is A Son Of Queen Sayyed Shakila And Grandson Of Khalifa Abdul Gafoor

Born 3 January 2003 Birth Place: Medina Saudi Arabia Mother Name: Sayyed Shakila Father Name: Sheikh Salim Ibrahim Siblings: Sayyed Sherali , Sayyed Saba

Sayyed Mohammed Shamsher Ibn Shakila Bint Abdul gafoor Is The Prince Of Royal Sayyed Family Nephew Of Famous Businessmen Sayyed Mohammed Al naboodah Sayyed Abdullah Al Naboodah According To Some News Sayyed Mohammed Shamsher Is In India With His Mother Shakila From Few Years Because Sayyed Shakila's Husband Is A Indian And His Family Lives There In Mumbai bandra 400051