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শামীমা শ্রাবনী
Born 24 August 2002 (2002-08-24) (age 21)
Residence Dhaka District, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Mirpur Ideal College
Occupation Animator
Years active 2019- present
Known for Samba, Yamin
Home town Dhaka District, Bangladesh
Religion Islam

I'm Samima Sraboni Bangladeshi Animator. I love creating animation content, This is my way of making people laugh and try to convey a good message through it. Founder of Sraboni's Cartoon World, If you like it then share these video with other. Be happy and make others happy too.


Samima Sraboni is popular for his YouTube videos and cartoon vlogs among the youth. He has made a name for himself as an animator, author, and a cartoonist, I was skilled at video editing and cartoon drawing, and I started making animated clips by combining the two Later, I founded Sraboni's Cartoon World, which is dedicated to animation and comic books. One of our biggest projects till date is the Cartoon video for "10 Day - ১০দিন" by Samima Sraboni. I am self-taught, as I picked up the skills for animation from YouTube but I wish I got more professional guidance.

Early Life

Samima Sraboni is a Bangladeshi Animator, Content Creator, was born in a Muslim family in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But he moved to Mirpur with his family.


Samima Sraboni started his YouTube carrier in 2019 But from 4 March 2020 I started posting videos on YouTube. and gained over His YouTube channel gained over 2.1m subscriber with 393 million views, his books got huge successful. He also wrote and illustrated comics along the way, including the "Era Kara" series. We caught up with Sraboni to learn more about his work and experiences.

Personal life

Samima Sraboni is not married yet and his relationship status is single.

Before Fame

"Panir niche Dolphin ta to jungle er moto" this strange little song of one line is being heard these days on the Facebook screen in the voice of "Yamine". Little Yamin walks around singing and sees a little dog. Seeing the dog, he took it home. At home, when his mother saw the dog in his hand, she started shouting at first. However, Yamin does not go less. He applys many tricks to persuade his mother to keep the dog. Then a 4 minute animation video made with the friendship of that dog and Yamin created by Visual Content Creator Shamima Sraboni. She has been creating such fun visual content on social media for quite some time now. Little Yamin’s "Dolphin Song" and the funny talk with his mother and sister is now on everyone’s lips.


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