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Sahel Ahmed
Education Bhukshimoil high school and college
Height 5' 8"
Parents Md Sofik Mia, Mst Jubeda Begum

Sahel Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Singer, Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, YouTuber and Dj. He is mostly known for his EDM songs and Bangla films music. [1]

Early life

He was born on November 6, 1999.  His birthplace is Moulvibazar.  That’s where he grew up.  From young age, he was very interested in music. He was different since childhood. He studied at Bhukshimil high School and College.


At first he just uploaded different types of videos on YouTube. And he became a very successful YouTuber. Then he just does the making of the songs. He developed an interest in music at an early age and began recording songs in a small studio at the age of 17. Became a successful musician at young age. He has composed many songs for Bengali films and worked in the music department.  He's already verified as (Sahel Ahmed) YouTube official artist channel & the largest music platform Spotify. In 2021 he founded his own music studio and record label 'As Studio'.


1. Frozen Wave (2021)

2. The Fade (2021)

3. Soften Space (2021)

4. Horizon (2021)

5. Control The Feel (2021)

6. Gentle moves (2021)


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