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Sabbir Atban
Picture of Sabbir Atban
Native name সাব্বির আতবান
Born Mohammad Sabbir
09 January 1992
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Founder at eAgrarian
Years active 2023 to Present
Known for Author, Educator, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator.
Height 5'2"
Weight 48kg

Sabbir Atban (born January 9, 1992) is a Bangladeshi creative author, educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and content creator. His is intelligent, discursive, and grounded in societal issues special attention has been paid to motivation and education. The benefits of transition to human development, enrichment, and self-confidence are important parts of encouraging visitors and students. Using his knowledge and skills, he continues to contribute to increasing literacy.

Early Life and Education

Sabbir Atban was born on (09 January 1992) in a middle-class family in Naogaon, Bangladesh. Atban's father was a farmer and mother a housewife. 2 sisters and 1 brother. Due to his family's poor condition, he and his 3 siblings had to live a disadvantaged life in their youth. Being middle-class, he realized long ago that he had to change his situation, and from a very young age, he paid for his own education by tutoring.

After passing SSC from Bhandarpur Bimukhi High School. He entered Dhaka. Joined Moonlight Garments Limited located in Gazipur. He started his studies at Tongi Government College, working as a human resource assistant there. Later appointed as Assistant Quality Controller in Vialatex Group.

He started concentrating on getting admission in Bangladesh National University MBA. After completing the MBA programme, he joined the C.P. Bangladesh Co., Ltd. Get a chance to do this.

After working there as a quality controller for a long time. Consistently Winner Cosmetics & Consumer Products Ltd. At Targeted Sales Outreach, Northern Hatcheries Ltd. Quality Assurance Officer, and Deshi Meat, another company of Northern. Served as Senior Quality Assurance Officer. Currently he is self-employed. And in charge of own business network strategic development projects

While living in different professions, acquired various skills and figured out how to manage his life and thus began his life journey with content on various platforms including Facebook Instagram YouTube. He talks about the ongoing problem of career formation of people in Bangladesh.

Brief Summary

Sabbir Atban is a very ordinary boy. Likes to hang out with friends. Being alone has become a profession so now I like being alone. People are easily trusted and deceived. I quite like to read books. I don't have much patience for reading books. I love to see the beauty of nature.

I am like me, everyone is better or worse than me, but no one is like me.

Like it....

Walking, listening to music, chatting, getting wet in the rain, chatting on Facebook, learning new things, writing and sleeping.


To lie, to slander.

Some of my favorite things...

A life without a routine, a handful of hardships, waking up at night to see the stars in the autumn sky, crying and laughing at my parents. I don't know how to laugh but I know how to laugh! I don't use it badly with anyone under any circumstances. I don't like quarreling, insulting, arguing. Very innocent!! After that, if you want to be my friend, welcome.

★ Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read my profile ★

I rarely think about myself when I do what my mind says! Do not try to understand good or bad! Mom says I can't do anything in life, I love everything, is that what I think?? Or something else??? I don't understand, I don't really understand, I think I talk too much, and many people say that I don't know what to say, did it happen? Yes, but my mother loves me more than my father, I think, so even if my mother scolds me sometimes, I don't put it on, mother!

I have a habit of getting along with everyone a little, I don't say, everyone says,

Many people don't understand me, it's a matter of finding out which is the most complicated thing in me, I have a problem, and that is that there is no word called patience in my dictionary, it gives me a lot of pain, which I want to need now, but with the age of twelve, a lot Under control. I love to please others more than myself, I don't want to talk when I'm angry, I can't tell when I'm in pain, tears roll down my eyes, Why am I like that? Mother says I'm like me, I don't match anyone, I like to travel, I can't stay at home when I see a cloudy sky, I go to the roof, to be alone in the rain.

I have said a lot, I will say it another time, Tata

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Recognizing the power of entrepreneurship, Atban has ventured into various business ventures. He has successfully established himself as an educator, utilizing his creativity to develop engaging and impactful marketing campaigns. Through his entrepreneurial spirit, Atban has not only achieved personal success but also inspired others to explore their own business opportunities.

Career Summer


Atban's journey as a creative writer began with a deep love for storytelling. His ability to captivate readers with his imagination has earned him a devoted following. Through his writings, his works often delve into thought-provoking themes. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for creating compelling plotlines, has become a source of inspiration for aspiring writers.

Besides his writing skills, Atban is also committed to sharing his knowledge and nurturing young minds. As an educator, she strives to create an environment where students can explore their creativity and develop their own unique voices. Through his innovative teaching methods, Atban encourages critical thinking and instills a love of learning. His dedication to education has had a lasting impact on countless students, who have gone on to great success in their own creative endeavors.

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