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Ruzina Khanam traveled to Daesh occupied territory.[1] Her husband, Fabio Pocas, a jihadi volunteer associated with the "Jihadi Beatles", who tortured and murdered prisoners they were guarding, was "accused of filming an Isis stunt in which a captured Jordanian pilot was burnt alive".

Pocas was already living in Daesh territory with his first two wives when Khanam travelled there to marry him.[2] She took her one year old daughter, the child of an earlier relationship, with her. The Times reported that she had appeared in a refugee camp, in September 2018.


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  2. Dipesh Gadher (2018-09-30). "Mother with girl, 4, tracked down in last redoubt of Isis". The Times. Retrieved 2019-03-16. "Ruzina Khanam, 26, travelled to Syria in 2015 to join her husband Fabio Pocas, an aspiring footballer, who used his looks to recruit a series of western women. When she and her daughter, Noor, arrived in the country, Khanam, of Leyton, east London, moved in with Pocas’s two other wives — a teenage bride from Holland and a Swedish woman. Pocas, 24, who has been linked to Jihadi John’s murder gang, is thought to have been killed by a drone strike. His three European wives and their children."