Roxanne Luckey

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Roxanne Luckey
Sisters Roxanne Luckey and Ginger Luckey.
Sisters Roxanne Luckey and Ginger Luckey.
Born 2000 (age 20–21)
Nationality USA
Occupation student
Known for denounced Matt Gaetz

Roxanne Luckey is an American woman, best known for her denunciation of her sister, Ginger's, fiance, Matt Gaetz.[1][2][3]

Gaetz found his reputation challenged when a friend of his, who was accused of supplying a string of escorts to politicians, entered into a plea deal to supply evidence against Gaetz.[1][2] Gaetz's friend claimed the escorts he provided were particularly young, and that in 2016 he and Gaetz both engaged in sexual relations with an escort, known by the screen-name "vintage99", who was only 17-years-old.

In late 2020, after being tipped off he was under investigation, Gaetz proposed to girlfriend Ginger Luckey, a Washington DC lobbyist.[1][2]

According to Roxanne, when she was working as a White House intern, in the summer of 2020, a friend of Gaetz, a divorced man who was approximately Gaetz age, made a series of sexual overtures to her.[1][2] She asserted Gaetz friend repeatedly assured her that Gaetz had encouraged him. She described Gaetz as "creepy" and "a literal pedophile".

She described confronting Gaetz about his friend's claim, at a family event, during Thanksgiving.[2] She said rather than denying encouraging his friend, or apologizing for encouraging his friend, Gaetz, "went full lawyer" against her.

After posting her assertions to social media Roxanne's sister posted a counter-response, where she defended Gaetz.[4] She said she and Roxanne were "estranged", and implied Roxanne was mentally ill.

Roxanne and Ginger have an older brother, Palmer Luckey, who was the founder of Oculus Rift.[2][5] Her older brother's sale of his virtual reality pioneering company made him extremely wealthy.


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