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Rocket.Chat Logo.svg
Developer(s) Rocket.Chat Technologies Corp
Platform Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Available in JavaScript
Type Instant messaging
License M.I.T.
Website is an open source team chat platform. [1]

History was open sourced on 24th May 2015.[2] Prior to that, it was developed as a closed source product part of Konecty.[3] programming language and published to GitHub. It was founded by Gabriel Engel an open source project.[4]

In October 2016 Rocket.Chat raised $5,000,000 Series A funding from Harry Weller and New Enterprise Associates (NEA).[5]


Rocket.Chat serves as an Internet of Things (IoT) application and it runs well on small IoT devices, including the Raspberry Pi Zero.[6][7] It also works with multiple services including GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Dolphin and Confluence.[8] The platform allows chat, file sharing, video conferencing, helpdesk and voice messaging services.[9][10][11]


  • 2016 : Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year [12]
  • 2016 : InfoWorld's Bossie Awards 2016: The best open source applications [13]

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