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Road Rage is a female Autobot from the Transformers franchise who transforms into a sports car with a flight mode.


Generation 1

According to her tech spec, Road Rage is both protector and confidant to Crosscut, an Autobot ambassador; Road Rage herself in robot mode is a talented diplomat given her positive disposition and familiarity with many alien cultures. Unfortunately, she suffers from a short-out in vehicle mode that causes her to become the very embodiment of her name: a raging speed demon who cares little for any else out driving.


  • G1 Reissue Road Rage (2002)
An E-Hobby exclusive repaint of Tracks in the colors of the original Diaclone toy used for the figure.
  • Masterpiece MP-26 Road Rage (2015)
A retool of Transformers: Masterpiece Tracks.

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