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Reza Yasi ( Born 6 October 1988 Tehran ) is an Iranian Musical artist and Singer.

Reza Yasi Blue badge.png
Born 6 October 1988
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Singer

Personal Life

At the age of 9, he started Artistic activities calligraphy and drawing and by the age of 17 he was successful in obtaining top provincial ranks in these fields and at the age of 18 he started his professional activity in the field of specialized digital printing. He was interested in playing the guitar since he was 15. And he started learning this instrument and started learning the piano at the age of 17. His first work in the field of music started in 2017 with the song Chera Barat mohem nist with the song of Yaha Kashani and the composition and arrangement of Anoushirvan Taghavi, and after that bedoune chatr with the poetry of Hamidreza Nasrollahi and the arrangement of Anoushirvan Taghavi and the saxophone instrument of Yashar Khosravi. From that cooperation with Ali Tehrani as the arranger and Ashkan Mousavi as the string player and the 17th artistic group (Hamidreza Amini and Amirreza Rayati) and after that, it countinued with the successful piece Asheghtam with Pedram Shahrabi's songwriting and Alireza afshars composition and arrangement. After a period of inactivity, the singer's activities in the new season began in 2017 to produce new works under the artistic management of Mohammad Ebrahimi, and for new works with composers and songwriters such as Mohammad Chenari, Ali Ilia, Milad Babaei, Sina Shabankhani, Ali Sedighi , Farhad Jahani and organizers such as Moin Rahbar, Amir Pedram, Anoushirvan Taghavi, Ali Sediqi, Alireza Afshar, Momoriza began to cooperation.


English Persian
Asheghetam عاشقتم
Eshghe Man عشق من

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