Rey Rey Rodriguez

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Rey Rey Rodriguez
Born March 13, 1978
Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
Residence United States
Nationality American
Other names Rey Paul Rodriguez
Education Bachelor’s of Arts
Occupation Photographer
Visual Artist
Years active 2012 - present
Known for Visual Arts

Rey Paul Rodriguez also known as Rey Rey Rodriguez is an American photographer, visual artist, influencer, and poet. He was born on March 13, 1978. Rey Rey is considered one of the world's top underground photographers worldwide. His meticulous attention to detail, combined with an aesthetic touch of darkness and craziness, distinguishes his work from the others.[1] He is well-known in the fields of MMA, BJJ, Combat Sports, Street, and Dark Photography for his work.

Personal Life

Rey Rey was born in the Puerto Rican city of Rio Piedras. He became hooked with films, photography, and martial arts as a child. Someone offered him an old film camera to capture a group photograph in high school.[2] To Rodriguez, placing everyone in the proper spot, selecting the correct point of view, and then hitting the button to memorialize the moment was just like learning a new skill. Visual art became an instant love for him, which he would later turn into a profession.


Rodriguez's family migrated a lot during his childhood. He went to Miramar High School in South Florida. Rodriguez accidentally dropped out of high school during his senior year. He then enrolled at Broward Community College in 2003 and graduated with an AS in Emergency Medical Services and an AA in Nursing. Rodriguez graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor's degree in Film & Video and a minor in Photography in 2009.[3]


Rodriguez began his career as a paramedic while also working as a freelance photographer. He quickly established himself as a renowned visual artist, photographer, and reporter. Rodriguez's painting captures the core of human emotions such as grief, despair, passion, and fury.[4] He has worked for a variety of well-known individuals including singers, elite fighters, fight groups, athletes, corporations, and professionals from many walks of life.

The Mind Of Rey Rey

Rey Rey Rodriguez is the owner of the "The Mind Of Rey Rey" multimedia brand.[5] It was established in 2014 and specializes in photography, videography, film, visual arts, marketing, photojournalism, and web design. Rodriguez now has the distinction of being considered as one of the best underground Visual Artists of his generation.


Rey Rey has been writing what he thought were lyrics since he was a youngster, inspired by hip-hop. Dr. Seuss, according to Rodriguez, showed him that he liked every type of rhymed storytelling. Rey Rey was interested in poetry after reading Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven". Poe's work motivated him to explore poetry as an outlet for releasing his troubles on paper.[6]

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