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Reco Winn Ponishare-verified.png
Trading name Reco Winn LLC
Type LLC
Founder(s) Reco Winn
Area served Worldwide
Services Accessories and Bags

Reco Winn LLC is the brainchild of Reco Winn[1], a visionary entrepreneur who seamlessly transitioned from a Managing Director in high-end fashion to a trailblazing force in the world of luxury accessories.[2] The brand is a testament to Winn's unwavering dedication, passion for fashion, and commitment to redefining luxury by blending quality, style, and affordability.[3]


Reco Winn's journey into the fashion and accessories industry is a captivating story of determination and artistic evolution.[4] With a rich background working with esteemed fashion houses in New York and Italy, Winn's pivotal experience at Italy's prestigious Maragoni Institute opened his eyes to the intricate nuances of the fashion business.[5] This educational foundation, coupled with real-world experience, laid the groundwork for the birth of Reco Winn and its commitment to excellence, consistency, and innovation.[6]


Reco Winn LLC is dedicated to providing a unique blend of affordable luxury with unparalleled style. The brand's core values revolve around consistency, quality, and the sheer excitement of accessorizing. One of the standout products in its collection is "The Weekender," a multifaceted accessory that transcends the traditional definition of a bag—it's a lifestyle.[7] The brand's commitment to remaining untethered from fleeting trends sets Reco Winn apart, aspiring to be a household name for enduring, accessible luxury.[8]

The Reco Winn collection extends beyond "The Weekender" to include diverse options such as "The Bucket Bag" and the chic "Bubble Tote." These offerings showcase the brand's dedication to providing a range of choices that cater to various needs, ensuring that every accessory seamlessly integrates into customers' lives.[9]

Collaborations and Achievements

Reco Winn's journey has been studded with noteworthy milestones and collaborations that underline the brand's allure and quality. Notably, endorsements from industry insiders, including the late Whitney Houston's stylist Timothy Snell, speak volumes about the brand's impact. Reco Winn's recognition as the "Best Carry-On" in a New York poll for NYC Style further emphasizes its commitment to practical solutions for modern travelers without compromising on style.[10]

Looking towards the future, Reco Winn has exciting collaborations on the horizon, including a notable partnership with designer AZ Araujo. This collaboration promises to fuse creative genius with dedication to quality, creating collections that will undoubtedly make waves in the industry.[11]

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