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Razorpaw is a Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series in the Aligned Continuity.


Sharing a similar appearance with "Fancyclaws", Razorpaw is described as a gangster who employed various other Transformers as minions during his criminal career on Cybertron. He was eventually imprisoned aboard the Alchemor, but escaped after Megatronus caused the ship to crash-land on Earth; due to being on the part of the ship that Fixit was not aboard, he did not appear in Fixit's prisoner manifest. Razorpaw soon recruited the elemental opposite Mini-Cons Swelter and Glacius to his cause, employing them to attack and weaken other Transformers so that he could leech their Energon to refuel himself. He expressed little gratitude to the pair other than allowing them to pick over his "scraps", something that Glacius accepted calmly but that Swelter deeply resented.

Razorpaw soon had a group of Autobot targets wander into his reach: Optimus Prime and his teammates Drift, Windblade, Sideswipe, and Drift's Mini-Con students. Seeing Windblade injured, Razorpaw targeted her, a job made easier when she recklessly put herself in harm's way to defend a weakened Optimus. Fortunately, Optimus was able to trick Razorpaw and his Mini-Con minions into going after him instead, allowing him to catch them with their guard down. Razorpaw and his companions were thus defeated and taken into custody, and the Autobots were able to continue their mission.