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RapidCents is an online payment gateway for businesses. The company is headquartered in Ontario, Canada and primarily caters to businesses all across the Canada and U.S. The company was founded in 2020 by Mani Rahnama.

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RapidCents provides some unique features to the online payment gateway industry.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange Plus Pricing is considered to be one of the most transparent fee structure in the payment industry. There are no hidden costs and merchants can have a full understanding of how the fee structure works.

Online Payment Gateway

Easy to use online payment gateway to help businesses sell products on a global scale. There are no sign up fee or monthly fee to use this service provided by RapidCents.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminal helps businesses accept payments in the absence/without the need for a POS terminal. This method of accepting payment uses the internet and supported browser to act a payment gateway where one can input credit card information to accept a payment.

Invoicing Software

Invoice managing software helps business keep track/manage invoices for various purchases, sales etc. Invoicing is an important aspect for running a business efficiently as it helps businesses pinpoint financial losses/gains in their business and improve them accordingly.

Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform allows business to create an online version of their offline business without having to create any additional websites. The easy to use service makes setting up an online store easy.

Recurring Payment And Subscription

Any business that offer product or services on a membership basis receive their payments on a set intervals of time.

Integrated Payment Pages

A payment page that adds on to an ecommerce website in order to receive payments from customers.

ACH Payments

ACH Payment lets a business receive payments directly from a customer's bank account.

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