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Md. Rabbi Khan known as 'Rabbi Khan' is based in Bangladesh. He is an Independent Artist and Music Producer. Rabbi Khan was Born on 29, August in Bangladesh. He sings in three different languages Bangla, Hindi, and English. Rabbi Khan is a Pop singer also, he produces Hip Hop/Rap songs. Rabbi Khan Owns 4 Record Label Known as 'No Color Records' 'Dhaka On Tracks 'Underground Records' and 'Way of Peace Recordings' all his music is released with "No Color Records" in 2016 He released his first instrumental Album known as "Six Sense" All of his music available on all International Music Streaming Platforms. Rabbi Khan Owns a Music Company Named "Rabbi Khan Music Company" He has his own music distribution company known as "Triangle Music Group" and his publisher is "Sony ATV Publishing" Rabbi Khan makes music to entertain people and give them some enjoyment.