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Industry Dietary supplements
Products Nature Made

Platinumvk is a company which specializes in botanical nutrition from natures natural uncultivated wild plants as an essential source of nutrition for humans, as a result of exhaustive research and application as the best option for optimal nutrition available in the natural world.

Using 100% plant-based ingredients that are formulated to build and boost the immune system.[1][2] Platinumvk's supplements combines the natural world's botanical sources with human biology to enhance human health in a world of toxic options.


Platinumvk is a certified botanical nourishment company. The firm makes their products from wild, and uncultivated plants. These plants provide a crucial source of nourishment for humans, and it was founded on extensive research. It shows that VK Platinum has found the finest nutrition products available in today's time. All living things on the globe have evolved in part through plant life. The nutritional model's assumption is therefore fundamental and scientific. Pre-Jurassic botanical species provide food for animals and humans, forming a robust nutritional defense army. [3][4][5]

VK Platinum and VK Boost botanical formulas contains specific plant species selected from the planets four plant categories to address degenerative factors and optimal nutrition. These categories include: The four planetary plant categories.[6][7]

  • Bryophyte’s species and subspecies
  • Pteridophytes species and subspecies
  • Angiosperm species and subspecies
  • Gymnosperm species and subspecies

VK Boost contains multiple plant species from all four plant categories combined into a nutritionally dense compound to both nourish and rebuild cellular health, while VK Platinum delivers a powerful punch of cleansing and detoxifying plant species to the body eleven organ systems for overall wellbeing through the infinite intelligence of nature’s DNA plant life nutrition.[6]

VK platinum is committed to the highest quality natural plant species which regenerate in nature throughout every season as the primary botanical sources which optimize human health long term. VK platinum chooses all-natural plants that grow in its season, such as burdock root and leaf, pine pollen, planting leaf, and hundreds of other plants species which again grow in their natural season which optimizes their nutritional and regenerating properties during their natural growth season.[8]

Health effects

VK Platinum combines fifteen of the most potently powerful anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic, anti-protozoa all plant-based formula of ingredients which rapidly absorbs into the digestive and circulatory systems capillaries available nationwide. And best of all, there are no preservatives, chemicals, non- GMO or heating in the preparation of these products, they are 100% natural and toxins free.[1][2]

VK Boost proprietary formula combines over one hundred and twenty five high density nutritional plants species from the world’s Oceans, lakes, rivers, rain forest, deserts, deciduous forests, mountainous terrain, prairies, and micro climates, forming a synergistic nutritional powerhouse of plant life, demonstrating natures vast intelligence through the abundance of  bio available vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, Carotenoids, lycopene's, and literally thousands of botanically nutrient rich compounds all contained in the meticulous selection of plant life varieties which comprises the VK Boost formula.[1][2]

VK proprietary products high quality ingredients which are all 100% plant based are formulated to support immune function and overall nutritional quality.[9][10]

In media

Platinum VK Podcast shows and explain various methods to get on the Road of Optimum Health. Host Tony drake gives great insight on the journey of living a healthy lifestyle.[9][10]

Also they have featured app on android and iOS platform.[11][12]

Association with Crypto

Recent, the business has announced the upcoming ICO Token. Its burgeoning Platinum O2 crypto token will sponsor the acquisition and staking of the purchases and acquisitions. The Platinum02 crypto token is all set to finance the development and distribution of VK Platinum's original products.[3][4][5]


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