Peter J. Ganci Jr

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Peter J. Ganci
Born 1946-10-27
Died 2001-09-11
New York City
Nationality United States
Occupation fireman
Known for Chief of the Fire Department New York

Peter J. Ganci Jr was an American firefighter, who died, in the line of duty, responding to al Qaeda's attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001.[1] Ganci had recently been promoted to the post of the Fire Department of New York - its most senior uniformed officer.

Ganci was appointed to replace his boss Donald Burns as Chief of Operations, in January 1997.[2]

Prior to joining the Fire Department Ganci served in the 82nd Airborne Division in the War in Vietnam.[3]

Ganci and some senior colleaugues arrived at the World Trade Center within ten minutes, prior to the second tower being struck by a second airliner.[4] Ganci was buried in rubble when one tower collapsed, but he dug himself out and continued to command operations. He sent some junior colleagues away, shortly before the remaining tower collapsed, but remained on-site, because many other firefighters were still at risk, and he was killed when the remaining tower collapsed. His former boss Howard Safir said Ganci "would never ask anyone to do something he didn't do himself. It didn't surprise me that he was right at the front lines."[1]

In 2003 Chris Ganci, one of his two sons, wrote a well-reviewed biography of Ganci.[5][6][7] The book was aimed at children, age 8 and up. Reviewers described it as a good book to get young boys interested in reading.


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