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Osvaldo Hernandez is a former American soldier whose efforts to join the New York Police Department attracted considerable attention.[1][2][3] Hernandez had been convicted of weapons possession, in 2002, and served eight months of a one year sentence. So he required a moral waiver he applied to enlist with the United States Army. Hernandez received permission to enlist, and General Peter W. Chiarelli would later call him an "exemplary soldier", in a letter urging the Police Department to reconsider its decision to bar him from joining the force, when his army hitch was over.

In 2008 Hernandez applied for a "relief of civil disability" certificate.[4] It was issued by Barry Kron, the judge who convicted him in 2002. The certificate eased some of the restrictions he faced, following his conviction, including allowing him to legally own a firearm.

In 2010 New York State Governor David A. Paterson issued a full pardon to Hernandez.[1][2] Paterson's decision to pardon Hernandez was widely applauded.[5]


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