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Fuyad Hasan Bhoyan is an Bangladeshi Entrepreneur who resides in Dhaka. He is born in 25 January 2000. he is a blogger, youtuber and a founder of Fuyad It marketing agency (Media Company) and he is a helping hand for the influencers who wants to grow their audience and their presence on Google, yahoo and Bing.

Fuyad Hasan Bhoyan helped many fellow mates through screen recordings to create a knowledge graph/panel on Google and how to claim it. He has huge fan following on Instagram as he always be engaged with it to help the growing entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers to become catchy on internet web pages and services provided by panels in editing the graph and in improving their audience, as a digital marketer Fuyad Hasan Bhoyan helped to continue few free content provided on his YouTube channel in Bangla language, with which one can generate his own identity on web searches if he/she is eligible for it.

However he also does the same work through his media services and charge a decent amount for working on others project, the similar projects can be done for both the entity and their business, brand or organization on a search results. Fuyad Hasan Bhoyan only approves the work which has accurate information for their articles otherwise may be denied according to his self instruction.