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Rayhan Kadar Bangladeshi Musician and Entrepreneur
Native name রায়হান কাদের
Born 20 September 2005 (2005-09-20) (age 18)
Thakurgaon District Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Md. Rayhan
Citizenship Bangladesh
Education Golden School
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2020–present
Organization V Fide
Known for Co-founder of V Fide
Notable works Digital marketer
Height 5 Fit 8 Inch
Religion Muslim
Parents Md. Julhas Sheik (Father)
Relatives Adif Al Amin (Brother)
Awards Full list


Md. Rayhan (Bengali: মোঃ রায়হান; born September 20, 2005 (age 17 years), Thakurgaon District, Bangladesh), best known as Rayhan Kadar (Bengali: রায়হান কাদের), is a Bangladeshi young entrepreneur and Musical artist. He is highly experienced in Google Knowledge Panel, Website Design, Search engine optimization, Digital marketing, Facebook promotion, Press release, Wiki services and Social Media Marketing. Rayhan has been successfully working with reputed companies in and outside the country. He has completed more than 200+ projects so far.

Early Life

Rayhan Kadar is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and recording artist. Rayhan Kadar founded a company called Tranceportation in 2015. He is mostly known as an entrepreneur rather than a recording artist. He was born in 2005 in Thakurgaon. His elder brother's name is Adif Al Amin.


Md. Rayhan who is known as Rayhan Kadar. Rayhan Kadar is an entrepreneur. He wanted to be a musician since childhood. In 2015, Rayhan Kadar set a record level in education as well as Tranceportation. And he performed a few songs through the Tranceportation Record Level. Rayhan Kadar is already a verified artist on international music platforms like YouTube, Audiomac, iTunes and Spotify etc. He works in music distribution and has his own music distribution company called Tranceportation.

Organization founded

Tranceportation is a Bangladeshi digital marketing agency, founded in 2015 by Rayhan Kadar. Their head office is located in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. Tranceportation will provide you with YouTube artist channels, distribute your music or best music streaming platforms, publish your PR articles on high authority news websites, promote brands, pages and influencers on social media with over 150 million social media networks.The company promises to help people by providing services like content creation, verification services, Instagram campaigns, social media campaigns and article publishing. Not only this, the organization also publishes paid articles in national and international news. They also help celebrities or brand entrepreneurs get verified on social media pages like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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