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Nima Borna Blue badge.png
Born 1983/04/06
Nationality Iranian
Other names Nima Hosseini
Occupation Singer

Nima Borna ( Born 6 April 1983 Tehran ) is an Iranian Musical artist, Singer and songwriter.

Personal Life

At the young age of 11, he moved to the United States with his parents and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. However, his strong bond and affection with his homeland and its people is the reason he pursued Iranian music and frequent visits to Iran. After completion of high school and college, he gained his bachelor's degree in biological sciences from University of California, Irvine. He then traveled to China to pursue his passion for the martial arts of kung fu and lived there for a year. Upon returning to the United States, he attended West Virginia University's School of Pharmacy and graduated with a doctorate in Pharmacy in 2016. Nima then returned to California and currently practices as a Pharmacist alongside his musical career. Art Resume


At age 6, Nima began learning piano as his first introduction to the world of music. After relocation, he studied Iranian traditional music and singing at UC Irvine. He also studied guitar with Iranian and American instructors. Currently Nima is training and collaborating with a music academy in the city he resides in. From the age of 14, Nima began writing songs and lyrics with over 30 songs hidden away in his personal vault that will be released gradually in the future. A song with title “Delshooreh”(pronounced Del-shu-rea) from an Iranian singer Aaron Afshar touched his heart deeply, causing him to reach out to its producer. Nima contacted Mahmood Rahbar (singer, song writer, photographer) and was introduced to Moein Rahbar (music producer, arranger, singer). His first professional song named “Blue Eyes” (cheshm abi) was released on May 2022 with collaboration and management of Moein Rahbar, Mohammad Ebrahimi and Moein Belleza (music video). Numerous projects are currently in production and will be released in the upcoming months.


English Persian
Cheshm Abi چشم آبی

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