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Nexfluencive is a public relations and marketing agency that specializes in media placements, personal branding, and marketing strategy. Leading Digital Media Company in Bangladesh. This Marketing Agency Help Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Musician, Researcher, Doctor, Journalist, Engineer To Build Online Public Presence with Marketing Strategy and Online Support.

Founder Of Nexfluencive

Shamim Al Mamun ,Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Nexfluencive.He was born in Madhupur, Tangail District, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh. His Parents Father Md. Abdur Rashid & Mother Mst. Layla Begum and Siblings (3 sisters) Names not available on the internet. Shamim's Father is a Retired Election Comissioner Officer, Brahmanbaria, Cumilla. Shamim Al Mamun Religion is Islam and Nationality Bangladeshi. Many people want to know about the net worth of Shamim Al Mamun. But he never reveals his net worth. But you can take an idea about his net worth from work. Shamim Has Established A Reputation As a Successful internet personality.

Nexfluencive Focuses

Nexfluencive focuses on making modern PR plans for individual clients that correlates with brand-building activity. Shamim Al Mamun has combined Public Relations and Marketing under the roof of Nexfluencive. One of the best and creative Digital Marketers, Shamim Al Mamun work to convert their dreams into reality. Everybody dreams to be successful, but few make it happen in reality. Some of those few people turn their fortune wheel at a small age and become successful. Success does not come with luck. Opportunities come when you seek opportunities. When you put dedication, hard work, and patience 10X times better than anyone surrounding you, eventually success comes to your door, and people call it luck. Successful people make their luck on their own. They do not wait for god or any miracle to happen on one fine day and bring success. Nobody becomes successful overnight. Nowadays when a video goes viral on social media people call it an overnight success, but in reality that video consists of too many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and lots of passion, creativity along core commitment. Digital marketing is not everyone’s Cup of tea because it requires a lot of encouragement and motivation, to begin with. Shamim Al Mamun surely did stand his ground and manage to learn about digital marketing to be somebody in his life, instead of just going with the flow See Less.

Office Address & Contact

  • Madhupur 1996, Tangail District, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.
  • Phone Number: 01401996674
  • Email: [email protected]
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