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Picture Of Nazifa Afrine Tubrah
Native name Nazifa Afrine Tubrah (নাজিফা আফরিন তুবরা)
Born 3 November 2002 (2002-11-03) (age 19)
, Dhaka Bangladesh
Residence Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Sonargoan University
Years active 2022- present
Known for Henna Artists
Home town Jatrabari, Dhaka Bangladesh
Height 5.00"

Early Life

Mehndi designs are one of the most beautiful forms of body art. Their impermanent character makes us love them even more and it makes one reflect on the passage of time and life if you will.

The main types of mehndi designs are Indian, Arabic and African. Still, some other cultures influence the evolution of today body art. Among them the Persian, Egyptian, Chinese, Celtic, Eastern European and North American are the most prominent along with the modern trends.

Here is the ultimate collection of mehndi designs and they include photos and videos of creations from artists around the world. Enjoy!

This splendid art by the wonderful Henna by Divya features a series of elements that create a complementary design. On the bride’s right hand, the Arabic design features the moon and the stars in a lace like mesh. Several floral elements enhance the beauty of this unique pattern. The lotus flowers inscribed in a triangle denote harmonious beauty, proportion, ascension, illumination and creativity, which is apparent in this outstanding artist’s mehndi design.

As a side note, the triangle is an element found in many cultures and also represents stability (think about mountains), assertion, Shakta. In numerology, the triangle denotes the birth of true wisdom.

This bride from Toronto Canada wanted to include a few landmarks of the beautiful city: CN Tower, Rogers Centre and part of the Toronto skyline. Maybe the most important element in this mehendi design is the bride’s dog she will surely miss upon embarking onto her new life as a married woman

Walt Disney has been credited with saying “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” and we firmly believe that the above mehendi design embodies the love of Kavita and Tarshit. The wonderful artist Divya once again leaves us breathless with this unique and refreshing creation.

This exquisite design includes romantic imagery and symbols. The heart, the swans, the travel back and forth until she said YES!

If you love Game of Thrones, McDonnald’s or both, you must love this unique creation

This creation features several love symbols ranging from the heart formed by the union of the bride’s hands, the two peacocks and the portraits of the bride and groom

This splendid creation includes floral elements and geometric patterns in a harmonious Indo-Arabic design. The bell has sacred meanings in various cultures: in Islam, the bell denotes reverberations of the Quran, the Christians consider the sound of bells the voice of God and the Buddhists believe that the bells protect from evil spirits.

Even the ancient Romans would hang tiny bells from the door knobs to keep evil spirits away

This complementary design features a mandala and elements of nature: paisley, leaves, flowers and the checkerboard. This minimalist design of Arabic influences creates a stunning modern look that many brides love.

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