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Industry Political Hub & Gaming Platform
  • Gourav Sharma
  • Ishan Derashri
  • Fantasy leagues
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Nayaha is an Indian social networking platform aimed at educating people about the world of politics, particularly in India.[1] The company offers an innovative online game designed like fantasy sports that incorporates data on the Head of the Nation, senators, legislators, and members of parliament, combining fantasy leagues and education with a focus on promoting active political engagement. Nayaha offers a platform for individuals interested in politics to engage, discuss, and participate in various leagues, making politics more accessible and entertaining for all.[2][3]


Nayaha, established in April 2021 by Gourav Sharma and Ishan Derashri, is a political gaming platform with its headquarters in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The term "Nayaha" encompasses concepts such as leadership, direction, guidance, management, behavior, policy, administrative intelligence, and justice.[4]

The platform offers a unique experience to its users by combining elements of politics and sports in a fantasy ranking game. It enables players to participate in global elections by either standing as a candidate or selecting a leader to play in the elect league. Players can enjoy the game by adding leaders to their political fantasy team.[5]

The game was first launched in 2018 with a focus on drafting members of the Indian Parliament House and Senate. The players earned points based on legislative success, voting attendance, maverick score, and noteworthy news mentions of their selected parliament person. The game was designed to appeal to both recreational and educational players and offered research tools to help players make informed choices.[6]

After the 2018 election, the game was revamped with a renewed emphasis on legislative activity in Parliament. The game served as a unique tool for players to stay updated on government functioning and encouraged them to engage with politics and civic issues.

In 2021, Nayaha underwent a change in ownership, and a new version of the game was introduced. This new version of the game focused on predicting the likelihood of candidates winning an election. Players earned points based on their drafted candidate's fundraising, media mentions, and vote percentage during the election season. The game aimed to encourage players to participate in politics and make informed decisions, thereby increasing accountability.


Nayaha offers a unique gaming experience where players create teams and select parliament members to earn points based on legislative activities and news appearances. Teams compete in leagues for a set number of weeks, and the team with the most points at the end of the season wins. Nayaha provides a detailed breakdown of how members accrue points and allows teams to adjust their rosters throughout the season. The winning team receives prizes and a chance to meet with politicians.[7]


Nayaha offers four distinct leagues for individuals interested in politics.

  • Firstly, the Global League allows participants to discuss and debate various political topics and issues from all over the world.
  • Secondly, the Parliamentary League, which is similar to a fantasy sports game, allows members of parliament to form teams and compete with other teams by selecting other members as part of their team and accumulating points over a predetermined period.
  • The Regional League is for those interested in regional politics and enables them to engage in discussions and debates about various regional political issues and topics.
  • The Elect League allows users to participate in real-world elections by casting their votes for candidates they support. It creates a fantasy-like experience where two winners are declared for each election: the officially declared winner and the world-voted winner, elected by the people of the world who participated in the Elect League poll. This unique feature empowers users to become active participants in real-world elections and engage with politics in a whole new way, while also providing an exciting competition for the ultimate political strategist.


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