Nasrul Biswas

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Nasrul Biswas
Nasrul Islam
Bangladeshi Musical Artist
Born 02/03/1992
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Music Composer & Entrepreneur
Years active 2021- Present
Organization Safe Learning Bangladesh
Known for Entrepreneur, Singer, Musical Artist, Musician. Music Composer

Nasrul Biswas is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist. He is a blogger, web designer and a digital marketer.

He is very much known in the country for his creativity. Government and media have appreciated him for his non-profit activities. A great number of students also like his online lessons.

Nasrul Biswas was born on 2nd March in 1992 in Gopalganj. He belongs to a renowned Muslim family. His father Afil Uddin Biswas is Teacher of Government School. Studied at Akm Rahmatullah University College, Dhaka. He wanted to be an engineer. From his childhood he was curious to anything new. His thinking was totally different from almost rest of the class.

Now Nasrul Biswas has decided to create a platform from where anybody can develop their skills without any expenses. To make this dream come true he has established a digital platform, “Safe Learning Bangladesh”. He is the founder and CEO of Safe Learning Bangladesh. Where courses for freelancing and skills development are given. Main purpose of Safe Learning Bangladesh is to improve people's skill through online.

He is also a digital marketer and has written many blogs on this. His second choice was digital marketing. In one interview Safe Learning Bangladesh said, "I want to do more for people". And for this digital marketing is very helpful for those who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

In 2021 he has started his music. Till now he has gifted many songs to the people and helps people to expand their brand and business through his skills. He also worked with many musical companies and helped them to improve them. He has written almost forty songs and has released more than ten albums.

Both nationally and internationally Nasrul Biswas is working in this field, digital marketing successfully. And also, he is maintaining his career as music artist.