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Industry Vodka
Founded 2012
Headquarters Austria

NEFT is an award-winning international vodka brand that is available in 22 countries and 17 states. It has won multiple international awards, including two consecutive “Double Gold” awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2018 and 2019). It is currently headquartered in El Segundo, California, although it was founded by Katya Kuzmina in Austria in 2012.

NEFT describes itself as a “lifestyle brand targeting bon vivant tastemakers and adventure seekers” and is known for its sustainable business practices, including the use of highly recyclable packaging and environment-friendly production processes.


Katya Kuzmina founded NEFT in 2012 after she came across a world-class Austrian distillery to produce NEFT’s vodka.[1]

NEFT Vodka was released stateside in 2017.[2][3]

NEFT earned the coveted Double Gold achievement after receiving unanimous gold ratings and winning the Best Vodka award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018, before winning Double Gold honors again in 2019.[4] NEFT is one of two brands that have achieved this honor two years in a row.

NEFT went on to win a Gold Medal in the Best Imported Vodka category from The Fifty Best, a well-known media outlet focused on wines and spirits, in 2020.[5] In 2020, NEFT received additional awards including a Double Gold award from Best Tasting Spirits[6] and a Gold Medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute.[7]

NEFT produced the livestream series NEFT After Dark, a Virtual Cocktail Party Series, which aired during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped raise funds for bartenders impacted by the pandemic.[2]

NEFT sponsored an international filmmaking competition known as N.E.F.T.I., which they organized in collaboration with Berlinale/EFM, Durban FilmMart, and IEFTA (The International Emerging Film Talent Association).[8] The competition featured entries from filmmakers in various countries including Algeria and the Philippines.

Jeff Mahony is NEFT’s current CEO.[1]


NEFT Vodka uses spring water from the Austrian Alps that has been naturally filtered through the mountains’ slate and granite surfaces, which also adds oxygen and minerals.[1] NEFT’s recipe uses solely spring water and non-GMO rye grains with no additives or extra sugars.[1] The rye grains are hand-selected from several fields in Europe and their mash blend is continually adjusted based on every year’s harvest. NEFT employs a triple copper pot distillation process.[9]

NEFT’s packaging is made from tin and aluminum, making it highly recyclable.[1] It is also portable, shatter-resistant, and can keep drinks cold for approximately six hours.[10]


NEFT Vodka is an eco-friendly company.[11] It uses sustainable practices such as avoiding aggressively blanching of their protected water supply in the Austrian Alps. NEFT is also committed to exploring cutting-edge sustainability practices, with plans to use recycled condenser water and dry-farmed grains, as well as switching to fully renewable energy in the future.[11]


NEFT is a “for cause” company that supports companies such as Project Angel Food.[1]


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