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Amanda Rodriguez, Verified.png
Native name Amanda Rodriguez,
Born Austria
Nationality Austria
Occupation Nailinspre
Years active 2010

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez is more than a nail technician; she’s a passionate artist and a driving force in the world of nail art. With over a decade of experience, Amanda has honed her craft to perfection, creating stunning nail designs that blend classic elegance with innovative creativity.

Her journey began in 2010 when she graduated from Empire Beauty School in Rochester, NY. Since then, Amanda has been on a relentless quest for knowledge, attending workshops, conferences, and collaborating with industry leaders to stay at the forefront of nail art trends.

Amanda’s artistic flair is complemented by her commitment to making a positive impact. She generously volunteers her time and skills at local shelters and community centers, believing in the transformative power of beauty and self-care


In 2010, I took my first step into the world of nail care by completing my training at the Empire Beauty School in Rochester, NY. My family’s strong ties to the beauty industry provided an early immersion into this captivating field, setting the stage for my journey as a nail technician.

My passion for nail care quickly became apparent, and my innate talent and meticulous work ethic earned me a reputation as a sought-after nail technician in my local beauty scene. Over the years, I’ve continuously honed my skills, staying up-to-date with the latest nail trends, techniques, and products.

My signature style combines classic elegance with creative innovation, allowing me to craft personalized nail designs that resonate with each client’s personality and preferences. Clients often describe my work as nothing short of “nail magic,” and I take immense pride in turning their nail aspirations into tangible expressions of beauty.

Today, I’m based in Austria, where I’ve established myself as a beauty maven. My diverse and loyal clientele includes celebrities, professionals, brides, and trendsetters. My warm and engaging personality creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in my salon, making every visit a delightful experience.

But my journey doesn’t stop at nail artistry. I’m also an entrepreneur, introducing my own line of nail polish and nail care products that have earned acclaim for their quality and unique color palettes. I frequently collaborate with beauty brands to develop exclusive nail collections.

Beyond the salon and the business, I’m deeply committed to giving back to my community. I generously volunteer my time and skills at local shelters and community centers, offering complimentary nail services to those in need. I firmly believe in the transformative power of beauty and self-care in boosting self-esteem and spirits.


My mission here at is to revolutionize the way you perceive nail care and beauty. I firmly believe that each nail has a story to tell and should be treated as a canvas for self-expression.


My commitment is to empower individuals like you to embrace your inner artist, whether you’re a seasoned nail enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of nail art. My mission isn’t just about enhancing the beauty of your nails; it’s about boosting your confidence and helping you feel your most beautiful self.

Unparalleled Quality And Innovation

I’m dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, expertly curated collections, and innovative nail care solutions. From my extensive range of nail polishes to my exclusive nail art kits, everything you find on reflects my unwavering commitment to excellence.

Creating Beauty That Matters

My mission extends beyond aesthetics. I deeply believe in the transformative power of beauty to inspire positive change. I’m not just a brand; I’m a community. I actively engage with my customers and the wider community to give back, support causes I believe in, and share the profound impact of beauty and self-care.

Supporting Aspiring Nail Professionals

At, I’m deeply committed to nurturing talent in the nail care industry. That’s why I proudly support the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation.

Empowering Dreams

The Beauty Changes Lives organisations offers scholarships to aspiring nail technicians, empowering them to kick-start their careers in the beauty industry.

Your Contribution Matters

Your generosity can make a real difference. By donating to Beauty Changes Lives, you directly support individuals pursuing their dreams in nail technology.

Join The Cause

If you’d like to join me in supporting these aspiring professionals, please visit our donation page. Together, we can empower the future of nail care.

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