Money Makin Marco

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Money Makin Marco
Born Griffin, Georgia
Nationality American
Other names Marcus Willis
Occupation Songwriter, rapper, author, artist
Notable works
  • ‘Cash Out’ ft Trap Commander (Music Single)
  • 'King of The Trap' (Book)

Money Makin Marco, born Marcus Willis is an American songwriter, rapper, author and artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Money Makin Marco is providing the streets with a creative sound of trap music that is new to the game.[1][2][3]

Early life

Willis, who is more commonly known by his rapper name Money Makin Marco, was born in Griffin, Georgia. He was raised by the church and loved playing football and basketball growing up. His father, Ellis Willis worked as a pastor and a correctional officer; while his mother, Linda Willis worked as a master cosmetologist to provide for their family.


Money Makin Marco always had tremendous love and passion for music and started his rap career at 23. Raised by his mother and father, hard work and determination was instilled in Money Makin Marco at a young age.

Music became an outlet for Marcus and his lyrics was the instrument used to share his experiences and real life situations with the world. No stranger to hard work, Money Makin Marco mastered his craft by performing at different clubs and bars throughout Georgia.

Money Makin Marco is motivated by his daughter and the desire to leave a legacy that provide generational wealth for his family. He is the author of the book ‘King of The Trap', which focuses on the world of a hustler.

Money Makin Marco's musical aspiration is to make trap music relevant again.  He has collaborated with prominent DJ’s such as DJ Kmurda in Miami, and Dj Corey Crumb. With his new single 'Cashout' featuring Trap Commander Money Makin Marco is most certainly bringing back the wave of trap music.[4]

Apart from creating music, Money Makin Marco is also an investor, movie creator, and most recently he also became a video game producer. He co-produced the new video game 'Street Beast'. He wanted to do something different than regular street racing games you see today. The game focuses on Street Racers from all over the U.S. who meet up to prove who is the fastest in the streets. It's set to be released in August 2021.[5]


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