Mobin Khojasteh Boroumand

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Born Mobinkhojastehboroumand
18 March 2006
Iran, Tehran
Nationality Iran
Occupation Musical Artist, Author
Years active 2016—Presents
Notable works

Musician & Entrepreneur


Social About & Successful Life

Mobin Khojasteh Boroumand was born on March 18, 2006 in Tehran.He is a famous Iranian artist and scientist، He is also active in the field of art and has gained many rankings in the fields of music, technology management, sports, programming, etc ... He also officially influenced Proxima Studio at the age of 12 and in the field of Computer game development is active. , Applications and information technology. Mobin Khojasteh Boroumand became one of the top entrepreneurs in Iran at the age of 16, which earned him the title of the youngest top link titleentrepreneur. He is also active in the field of network security and cyber security. He also has many collaborations with public and private organizations.


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