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Miss.Gun Ponishare-verified.png
Born Melisa Gun
June 12, 1994 (1994-06-12) (age 29)
Kusadasi, Turkey
Education Serhiy Bubka College of Olympic Reserve, University of Aegean, Medipol University, Turkey, British Higher School of Art and Design, Kiev Medical University, Kiev
Occupation Artist, Model, Nutritionist
Organization Ms World USA
Miss.Gun Signature

Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) (June 12, 1994) is full of positive energy and curious about everything. But Melisa has a real soul of an artist and she doesn’t observe the world as we do. Her mind is attracted by remarkable events, emotions or nature and she paints what she feels. Her feelings are transposed into a fantasy world where reality explodes into each detail in vibrant colors or a play of light and shade. Without attending any art class, Miss.Gun has a real innate impressive technique, and her talent arises in each of her artwork. Inspired by Salvatore Dali, contemporary art her draftsmanship is precise and reveals striking and bizarre images to open an ocean of thoughts.[1][2]

Artist - Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) has many styles (oil, acrylic, pencil, NFT/Digital illustrations, graffiti, body art, oil on fabrics and many others). Being a talented abstract artist, an expert in contemporary art and the author of a cycle of amazing in content, depth and power of influence on the viewer of artworks "Worlds". A master whose art has absorbed the stimuli of several countries and has become a continuous self-discovery and rethinking of reality. Multi-level for perception, Melisa Gun’s cosmic paintings were presented worldwide.[3]

Her paintings drive into various emotions. You can immediately feel each detail of her paintings, faces, figures, while thinking about colors and whole image. The play of light reveals all the dramaturgy of her life.[4]

The founder of personal draftsmanship is precise and reveals striking and bizarre images to open an ocean of thoughts. She quickly expanded to Miami, New York, Dubai, Qatar, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel and Monaco. First achieved international attention in 2020 with the presentation of the first solo digital/NFT exhibition “Beauty of abstract” in MoRa Museum, New Jersey, USA, then Solo exhibition “Presious” at the same museum, later 2021- solo exhibitions in Dubai, Miami, Qatar, Biennale in Italy. [5]

Currently, an artis's mind is attracted by remarkable events, emotions or nature and she paints what she feels. Her feelings are transposed into a fantasy diverse world where reality explodes into each detail in vibrant colors or a play of light and shade. [6]

Making her later debut at the age of 25, becoming one of the first progenitors of a groundbreaking NFT platform. [7]

Contemporary artist – Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun)  - began her work from early childhood, actively started to paint at the age of 25.

Deeply studying history and medicine, winning various contests on the subject of history throughout Europe, East, traveling the world from a young age - Melisa, dreaming and imagining life on a mystical and surreal approach are represented on each one of her creations. [8]

This artist radiant talents were obvious from young age, as earlier as 5 years old she was already conducting a TV show directed towards children but, also interviewing influential people in the world. Her experience includes, actress, singer/musician, model, athlete, entrepreneur and a beauty pageant winner, as well as extraordinary artist. Since a young girl, Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) has viewed the modern world in her own mystical way. Her journeys around the world, exposure to multicultural traditions, religions and languages have influenced her artistic approach immensely. Without traditional artistic guidance, the artist expresses her thoughts in a style that she calls "Without restricitions". [9]

Miss.Gun as an artist invites the viewer to dive into parallel worlds created with the help of color and gravity.[10]

Miss Gun chose abstraction and surrealism to reflect her ideas. Here canvases are permeated with the theme of internal transformation and enlightenment of a person deeply immersed in consumer culture. It was to this philosophy that the artist's spiritual searches led her, to which she devoted many years of her life.[11]

The creative process of the artist begins with the disconnection of all senses from the outside world. After the author achieves a sense of balance and harmony, real magic begins to happen on the canvas, subject to the true Laws of the Universe. Freezing in the most unimaginable abstractions, acrylic simultaneously reflects dynamics, calls for reflection, feeling, dialogue. [12]

Miss.Gun does not label her abilities by style therefore, she refers to her work as without restrictions just like we as humans can feel different emotions in a second, her artistic views are always changing and mixing. Perhaps, that is why Miss.Gun’s paintings include a wide range of styles. The inability to trace one clear style of the artist is her signature. [13]

Miss.Gun's abstract works of art evoke a deep sense of introspection and self- reflection be-yond the mere canvas itself or our physical reality. As intended by the artist, Miss.Gun produces non-objective artistic elements, whether by shapes and forms or through colors and lines, allowing ob-servers to search within to find the individualistic meanings of each masterful creation. In doing so, each piece from the artist is open to interpretation, all being correct. [14]

Artist Miss.Gun constructs her art pieces highlighting the duality of our planet and the dispari-ties held within. Ladder; Whiute and Black; Yin and Yang; Angel and Evil; Love and Betray; Happiness and Sorrow, etc. Miss.Gun views life as a world full of contrasts, emotions, and possibilities. Touching on these topics and the gray areas in between, the artist actualizes these sentiments onto canvas for individual interpretation. Utilizing vibrant colors, designs, and differing techniques only emphasizes the messages embedded within each work of art. [15]


Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) represents contemporary art in Exhibitions/Presentations/Events.


  • 2023 - Transformation , Art performance in Madrid Bently center, Madrid , Spain
  • 2022 – Portal, Gallery of Maria Porto, Madrid, Spain
  • 2021 – Parallel Worlds, Barvikha Luxury village Moscow, Russia
  • 2019 – Parallel Words, Westwood, Los Angeles, USA


  • 2023 - Transformation, Art Basel Maiami (Transformation , Birth of Potential) , Maiami ,USA.
  • 2022 – Portal (Birth of Mystery, Birth of Waterfall), ArtLand Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2021 – Portal (Birth of Life, Birth of the World), Forbidden Fruit Female Art, Miami, USA.
  • 2021 – Portal (Birth of Birth of Feelings), Moscow POP UP MUSEUM, BOSSOM Art Exhibit by Woman Artist, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2021 – Parallel Worlds (Birth of Changes,Life Line), Qatar International Art Festival, Сultural Village Foundation, Dohа, Qatar.
  • 2021 – Parallel Worlds (Birth of Potential, Brith of New Era), PRIMA, Biennale D’Arte Conte Poranea Della Urgia, Puglia, Italy.


  • 2022 – Parallel Words (Birth of the World, Birth of Life) museum Mora, New York, USA
  • 2021 – Parallel Worlds (Birth of Waterfall, Birth of Faith), International Online Exhibition of Iranian Artists, Mystery of Water, Online Gallery Reddot Art


  • 2022 – Parallel Words NFT collection, international Art Fair (IAF)
  • 2021 – Parallel Worlds, NFT collection, Binance, the World's Leading Blockchain Ecosystem.


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Miss.Gun’s works have a powerful “therapeutic” effect. She believes that the light that is given to her, as an artist from above, is intended to heal. Each work is a blank canvas. Before applying paint, she experiences the painting in her mind. All your "living", through the whole body. Her hands become a tool and consciously reach for each color. She starts the magical flow. She begins the dance of colors. The dance continues until a picture is born in the physical light, designed to heal souls. Miss.Gun wants to convey what is formed in her. What is already experienced and consciously. [16]

Her book about contemporary art is a guide into modern art and culture for talented artists who start their career in this interesting world of art.[17]

Publications/ Interviews

  • Personal interview on Radio Channel “Our Emirates”, UAE, Dubai, 2021
  • Publications in special edition Qatar International Art Festival QIAF 2021
  • Publications in special edition BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN PUGLIA (ITALY) 2021-2022
  • Interviews and covers for magazines “GRAZIA”, “Cosmopolitan Ukraine”, “Cosmopolitan Slav”, “LAZIN”, “GMARO”, “TOUCH”, “Elle Ukraine”, “Grazia Bulgaria”, “Woman MAGAZINE”, “The Voice” ", "Fashion Magazine NYC", "Muscle & Fitness", "Dolce Spain", "FHM USA" (America, Canada), as well as "L'officiel" (India, Baltic, Ukraine, Slav, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Australia);
  • Publications the magazine “Vogue Ukraine”;.

Awards/ Prizes

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here exhibition 2021, The Richard Mille Art Prize 2022 (Award in the Louver Museum first nomination: Unique new contemporary approaches in art)
  • Membership in the International Association Ambassadors Club Dubai, Middle East, UAe, Dubai, 2021-2025

Personal Masterclasses:

Author’s master class on modeling and posing for young models “Vita models” (Kyiv, Ukraine);

Author’s master class on nutrition

Author’s master class on Fashion and Art

Author and presenter of Fashion TV (an international TV channel about fashion), as well as Fashion TV New York;


● Online auction[mutualart.com]

Personal Life

Since childhood, having set a clear goal, the girl began to fulfill her dream - first she visited most of the world, thanks to dance tournaments, and then became a master of sports in hurdles. In addition, at school Miss.Gun studied choreography intensively. All this together gave her determination and subsequent success in sports, modeling, art and work. Very talented girl was awarded as a winner of math, biology competitions, she was studing in Ukraine and Switzerland, was very active in social actitivites: acting as a snow maiden in New Year perfomances for 13 years, participating in Datcha Art Festivals, winning comeptitions in chess, professional triathlon runner. The beginning of her modeling career was brilliant, although not quite model-like.[18]

On leaving school Melisa graduated from the University of Aegean (specialty: physiotherapy). At the same time, she achieved success in the modeling business. The realization that the girl would not only be a neurosurgeon, but also a successful model came quickly, so the desire to realize her plans only added strength to her.

So, at the age of 25, Melisa started to be offered a partnership with highly-regarded photographers and designers. At the same age she started actively diving into art, presenting art through the fashion and beauty. Already today, Melisa has a significant number of merits and victories in modeling and art. But according to her, this is only the beginning and she is not going to stop.

Later she moved to the UAE, Europe, USA to focus on art and fashion history. Later settling in USA to continue her interests in fine and contemporary art, NFT and to establish a gallery in London and Miami.[19]


  • 2013 - Serhiy Bubka College of Olympic Reserve, Donetsk
  • 2016 - University of Aegean (specialty: physiotherapy), Turkey
  • 2019 - International school of medicine Medipol university, Turkey
  • 2019 - British Higher school of Art and Design / Illustration/ Modern Illustration (NFT)/ Contemporary Art (Branch of London Establishment, UK)
  • 2022 – Kiev Medical University, Kiev


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