Misaki Akabane

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"You're a threat! A monster! You're a MENACE to HUMAN SOCIETY! I hope your parents both SUFFER for letting you ruin our lives! I hope they both regret ever CREATING you! You can take my life........you can take my home.....But you will NEVER.......take MY daughter OR MY FREEDOM! Do you realize what you've DONE?! DO YOU?! I ALMOST LOST THE ONE THING THAT KEPT MY FROM ENDING IT ALL! BECAUSE OF YOU! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! DO. YOU. HEAR. ME?!-Misaki expressing her hatred for Machiko

Misaki Akabane is a character from my upcoming fanfic series, Chogokin Robo Hello Kitty(later to be renamed "MazinKitty Z".) She's the mother of Haruko, Akane, and Asuna.


"Do you have ANY idea how much DAMAGE you done to us?! Will you EVER learn?! WILL YOU?! Of COURSE not! You'll never learn ANYTHING! THAT'S HOW YOU LIVE! All you've ever even CARED about is ruining people's lives! You'd never understand! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT MISERY! You're nothing but a spoiled, ungrateful BRAT! THAT'S ALL YOU'LL EVER BE! Is that what you've wanted to be your entire life?! An corrupt, HEARTLESS child who destroys the things that people enjoy?! ISN'T THAT WHY YOU ALWAYS TORMENT MY FAMILY?! What kind of parents do you even have?! What kind of SICK MONSTERS CREATED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE?! WHO MADE YOU?! WHO PUT YOU ON THIS PLANET?! WHO EVEN HAD THE NERVE TO PLACE YOU INTO TO THIS WORLD?!" Who do you think we are?! Are we just objects that you can just...just-just DESTROY all you want and use as TOOLS?! IS THAT IT?! IS THAT WHAT WE ARE?! Or do just HATE us for who we are and all you care about is trying to get rid of us because you hate us?! You..you...THAT'S IT! You've done far enough damage! To me! To Haruko! To EVERYTHING I EVER CARE ABOUT! Stay AWAY from me and Haruko! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I'm sick and tired of you trying to destroy this family! I've just about had it up to HERE with your nonsense! I'm SICK of it! JUST STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES! I'M NOT GOING TO JUST STAND AROUND AND LET YOU KILL MY DAUGHTER WITH YOUR LITTLE DEATH TRAP!"-Misaki lashing out at Machiko

"Is that supposed to be an excuse?! IS IT?! Do you really think, after ALL your daughter's done to us, that you deserve sympathy?! DO YOU THINK I'M EVER GOING TO FORGIVE YOU?! Are you TRYING to make yourself look like the good guy so you can let your daughter torment us?! Is that it?! Is this what you wanted?! For us to suffer?! For us to be your daughter's RAGDOLLS?! It's no WONDER your family hated you! They knew you'd create a monster all this time!"-Machiko's enraged retort to Daizo