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Microman (ミクロマン) Micro Change was one of two Takara toy lines (the other being Diaclone) from which the earliest 1984 Transformers toys came. There are other non-Takara toyline that Hasbro brings over to Transformers, which was given the term Pre-Transformers.

The Microman scifi toyline was first introduced in 1974, and briefly revived in 1998. In 1981, Microman was soft-rebooted to attract new kids, in which the stories & figures were more streamlined, and the lines became more robot-oriented.

Came 1984, with Microman Micro Change was only released with One Microman (011 Salem/Saram/Salam) along with various robots transforming into daily objects (lamp, watch, guns(!!), etc)

The action figures are 3.75-inch tall (9.5 cm) with various accessories, vehicles, and playsets. The toyline was licensed by Mego in the US in 1976 and rebranded as Micronauts (with Marvel creating some comics for them)

Toy range

Classic Microman (1974 - 1980)

New Microman (1981 - 1984)