Michael Stemley

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Michael Stemley
Born New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Nationality American
Occupation Author, Businessman, CEO and founder of ML Production LLC

Michael Stemley was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an American Author, Businessman, CEO, and founder of ML Production LLC.[1]

Career & Lifestyle

Michael Stemley earned his MBA from the Louisiana State University. Just like the majority of students, Michael was left with a huge debt once he finished college. So, he started looking for a way to earn as much money as possible. Soon, Michael realized that getting rich is not about luck – it’s about knowing how to handle money correctly as well as knowing how to invest it. Once he realized the importance of financial literacy, Michael decided to share his findings with the rest of the world. His book, Wealth, Power, Respect, explains why the old way of earning money – get a job, save money, repay debt, invest – doesn’t work at all. His books are meant to teach the readers everything there is to know about handling their money properly and making wise financial investments. When he’s not working, Michael enjoys spending his free time with his son.[2]

The New Orleans-born businessman, Michael Stemley, is the CEO and founder of “ML Production LLC”. He can constantly be found around big-time celebrities, artists, and athletes, but his life was not always so lavish. When Michael began earning more income he decided to spend above his means and purchased a luxury house and vehicle. Once he got into an accident with his new luxurious vehicle he realized how unprepared he was financially and how much of a burden this was on him. After realizing that he needed to become more financially stable he decided to take a step back and rethink how he went about his finances.

Michael began using his money to invest and create a financially stable life where he would not have to stress about finances and could instead spend time investing in himself. He preaches the concept of investing in yourself where you take the money that you have leftover and invest in your own self-image and other aspects of life. By investing in yourself you end up becoming a better and more well-respected person which will result in more income. After he took note of the number of people who come into money and quickly burn through it all he decided to write his book, “Wealth, Power, Respect”. [3]He used this book as a platform to teach his audience how to manage their finances and create a financially stable life, as well as improve themselves.[4][5]

He was so successful at finances that he became the main advisor for the R&B legend, Teddy Riley. Michael became an important part of his financial success and ended up becoming his business partner.

The two can be found together at many public events as well as together at some of their closest family gatherings. Stemley has gained a lot of respect in his industry and has gained lots of relationships with some of the biggest celebrities. He makes sure to overlook the growth of their career as well as their overall wellbeing. He takes a lot of pride in his image and maintains himself very well which attracts high-profile people as a result.[6]

He learned a lot through his experience and became a coach so that other people can learn from his mistakes. He believes that finances should be taught in school and recognizes that it is a serious problem which is why he decided to share his financial wisdom. He made lots of success and wants to see everyone do the same.[7]


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