Meredith Goddess

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"What don't you understand?! Can't you see what you're doing?! If you keep running away like the weakling you'll never amount to anything. Hear me, Melissa. I'm going to make myself perfectly clear. In this kingdom, you'll only get stronger if you deserve it. Only the strongest of people deserve to step foot in our domain. and Naddy.....were meant to be........You will NEVER take her away from me. I will NEVER let her die. You've already taken the one thing that would've helped reshape our lives. NO one...will EVER lay a finger on Nadine. If that ever happens, their lives will be a living nightmare."

Meredith Goddess is the secondary antagonist of Mobile Assault Weapon. A woman who desires to utilize the power of the main mobile suit, the Fumina, Goddess is obsessed with Nadine Smith, the main antagonist, to the point of joining forces with her in the second half.