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Classification Alien lifeform
First appearance Transformers #52 by Marvel Comics, May 1989
Created by Bob Budiansky

Mecannibals are a race of fictional aliens in the Transformers series. They were created by writer Bob Budiansky in 1989 as villains for the Marvel Comics Transformers story.

Transformers: Generation 1

Mecannibals are large, red, spherical-shaped robots that eat other robots. Their heads and mouths are disproportionally large, and their mouths are filled with long, razor-sharp teeth. Mecannibals prefer robotic food over organic, but can sometimes eat small organic lifeforms as appetizers.

Marvel Comics

The Autobot Pretenders Cloudburst and Landmine met a group of Mecannibals when they were searching for microchips to repair the Autobots killed by Starscream. On their ship, they discovered that the Mecannibals were holding Sky Lynx and Berko prisoner, and were going to eat them. The two Pretenders made a deal with the Mecannibals that if they let Sky Lynx and Berko go free, they'd go to Femax to bring them exotic mechanic spices.

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