Md Raihan Islam

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Md Raihan Islam
Born Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, Talent Scout, Entrepreneur

Raihan Islam is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is best known as the talent scout top-rated freelancer at Upwork and founder of SEO SERVICE CARE

Career & Life Style

Raihan was born and raised in the Dinajpur area of Bangladesh. He was an intelligent Web Technical Issue solver and Code optimizer during his time at Bangladesh Army university of Science & Technology, where he received BSc in Computer Science Engineering with 1st class. He excelled in these areas throughout university life and received multiple awards for his achievements from the Bangladesh Army University of Science & Technology. Raihan decided to focus on a career in Google Data Optimization Sector.

For the purpose of learning, Raihan started an educational blogging site in 2015. Additionally, he also started movie sites. Once the websites were created, he began researching how to optimize for ranking. He used Yoast SEO and was successful in ranking his websites well. He started earning money from advertising and everything was going well. However, in 2016 when Google updated their core algorithm, his website's traffic suddenly dropped. He started reading blogs, watching youtube videos, and talking to people in forums to find out what happened and how to fix it. He noticed that millions of websites were having the same issue due to Google's update.

After a lot of hard research and analysis, he was able to fix all problems and rank his website again with more traffic. In this period, he learned what Google updates were, how to fix Google penalties, how to fix all Google search console errors, how to fix technical errors and more. He started offering help to people who had penalty issues and fixed many company issues in December 2016 and he earn huge profit.

He gained practical experience from his own website and made a lot of money. Learning always comes with benefits. No matter what you learn, you will always reap the rewards. Whether it's a new skill or just acquiring more knowledge, you will never regret taking the time to learn something new.

He joined an Indian company, Mediaoncloud, in 2017 as an SEO specialist. After a year of excellent performance, he felt that his salary should have been increased and that he didn't have enough time for research or learning. So he thought this company wasn't perfect for him and left. In 2018, He started working on Upwork as a freelancer and within a month got a few job offers and was hired.

Agency Life

SEO SERVICE CARE is a marketing team that helps small businesses grow. We're based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Bangladesh, but we provide digital marketing solutions to businesses all around the world. SEO SERVICE CARE can help you with things like ranking higher on Google Maps, improving your digital marketing strategy, getting more organic traffic from search engines, building white hat links, releasing press statements, remarketing on social media, and redesigning your website.

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